Rose Garden Specials

General Chicken

Our Signature Dish! Chunks of chicken breasts sautéed with scallions in our exquisite tangy sauce.


Lobster Yee Mein

A whole fresh lobster sautéed with ginger and scallions served over a bed of chinese braised noodles.


Peking Duck

A Classic Specialty! Marinated with asian spices and oven roasted. Served sliced on steamed butterfly buns.


Salt Pepper Soft Shell Crab

A Seafood Delicacy! Crunchy battered-fried soft shell crabs tossed with jalapenos peppers, scallions and chili pods.


Braised Tofu

Cubes of fried silken tofu and Chinese black mushrooms served over baby bok choy greens.


Mongolian Beef

Flank steak slices sautéed with onions, scallions and chili in our house tangy sauce.


Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Stir-fried medley of minced chicken breast, black mushrooms, water chestnuts, and bamboo shoots served  on a lettuce wrap.


Steamed Rock Cod

whole rock cod fish, garnished with fresh ginger and scallions topped with soy sauce and steamed.



Rose Garden Hong Kong Chow Mein

Our most popular crunchy noodle dish! thin egg noodles pan-fried on both side and topped with shrimp, chicken. BBQ pork and vegetables.


Vegetable Combination

A colorful medley of broccoli, yellow squash, purple cabbage, red peppers, fresh mushrooms and zucchini in a light sauce.


Hot and Spicy Beef

Tantalize your taste buds with a blend of spicy, sweet and sour.



Orange Chicken

Tender nuggets of fried chicken breast tossed in a tangy orange sauce with a hint of spice.



Sunday - Thursday :: 11 am - 9 pm*
Friday - Saturday :: 11 am - 9:30 pm*

(Lunch Specials served daily until 3pm)
*The dining room closes 15 minutes prior to this time.
Take-Out Welcome